a journey through winter

following my passion for snow, mountains, skiing and adventure.

Embracing the cold white natural wonders around the world

“The mission is to explore new places, new ski touring areas and deep powder. Capturing it in moving pictures myself and also in cooperation with professional filmers and photographers.

With a flexible timetable to be spontaneous and adventurous and to take advantage of the best weather opportunities for skiing, ski touring, winter camping and cold water surfing. Enjoying and embracing the wild places I will go to.”

Watch my latest series “winterfox” here……

Winterfox, the first part of my new series "a journey through winter", offers an immersive perspective of the Japanese island, seen through my eyes - a delicate balance between the raw power of skiing and the poetic beauty of Hokkaido’s wildlife and landscapes.

The short movie was shot and directed by myself alongside crew members Aaron Jamieson, Simon Abt, Bine Zalohar and Aline Bock. With a very special soundtrack of Rory J Williams & Lee Ann Curren, this shortfilm is unique experience. 

Besides skiing, in this movie I explored snowboarding a bit. Or better call it snow surfing in the amazing snow of Japan! I am not a good snowboarder but I fell in love with the new feeling, the new challenge and the the new way of approaching the mountain! :-)