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"I am a professional freeskier and passionate surfer and I love the challenge of capturing all this through my own eyes and my camera. I love nature, the mountains and the ocean. I am always on the search for new adventures and places to go and the best thing about it all, is to share it with like minded people and friends.“

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Screenings update: Very proud to announce a few more amazing festivals, which choose to have “Circle of the Sun” in their program. Thank you!


Teaser release - „Circle of the Sun“ - a film by Inigo Grasset and Lena Stoffel

This upcoming fall the movie will be touring through all over Europe and also worldwide on Mountain and Surf Film Festivals and will take you on an almost surreal journey to Norway. It describes one „Circle of the Sun“. One day of magic. Steep mountains and the ocean, the sun and the aurora borealis. The Arctic. A place where you truly get lost in nature. 

Skiing and surfing in one day. Lena Stoffel and her crew experienced this dreamy place in all its glory. 

The movie is one piece of art. The breathtaking pictures, the special soundtrack and  Lena’s voice give it this special flow. It’s all one.


and more festivals to be announced in October … 


I just came back from Norway/ Lofoten Islands. I’ve been there for a magazine shooting about arctic surfing together with my friend Aline Bock. The trip was absolutely insane and very beautiful. With only 4 hours of daylight it was a very special experience to be there and also look for surf. And actually go surf in those harsh and cold conditions. Aline and I , we absolutely love it though as it is soo special. Everything about it… you surf alone in breathtaking scenery and good waves. (Lucky us) . I am still very inspired and still dreaming of this beautiful place with its beautiful people and locals. Especially thankful for Erik Botner, who rents out an amazing place called Lofoten Apartments, and showed us his home.

Enjoy this little selection of the photos i took with my Lumix GH5. So lucky and very thankful for this experience.

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this was a day for the books in the trees of the Alps. I love tree skiing!! The forests a magical place to respect and embrace !

“I am really happy to share this with you now!!! My own movie “ WINTERFOX” is online! I really hope you enjoy watching and listening to the soundtrack by Rory J Williams and Lee Ann Curren!”

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